CTI - Computer Telephony Integration

Re-Branded CallConnexion©


We are the industry leader in providing Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) for the Panasonic TDA & TDE Phone Systems.
We offer a true turn-key solution at an unbelievable price. Along with step-by-step instructions, we also offer all necessary
software and hardware that you will need. Contact ISTT, Inc., your local Certified Panasonic Dealer, today and find out how you, too,
can unleash the power of this highly advanced software.


With ISTT, Inc.'s CallConnexion©, the power of your Panasonic Phone System can be truly at your fingertips!


New features of ISTT, Inc's CallConnexion©:

  • Message Now Technology: Instant message anyone in your office
  • Highlight and dial functionality: Highlight a number, and, with a designated Hot Key, your phone will automatically dial.
  • Mouse-over visibility on DSS console
  • VERY User Friendly!


Along with the great features listed above, ISTT, Inc's CallConnexion© also contains:


  • Screen Pops with caller ID information
  • Hot Key Functions- Control call functions such as Transfer, Hold, Park, Conference, Answer, etc.Control most phone
    functions such as Time/Day Settings, Page, FWD/DND Off, Absent Message, etc. (now with more F keys)
  • DID & ICD information
  • Transfer information
  • Individual call log
  • Detailed Reports of incoming and outgoing calls (Can be easily linked with other programs for billing)
  • Quick visual access to group member call activity
  • Individual itinerary information across the workgroup
  • Shared call handling
  • Caller Identification - Vital caller information from your database appears on-screen while your telephone rings and during the call.
  • Advanced call accounting features
  • Easy-to-use graphic interface
  • Called Number Identification - With each call, information is displayed from the telephone system and/or from the computer
    application based upon the number dialed by the caller
  • Point-and-click productivity
  • Super DSS functionality - Limitless control for receptionist and call center managers



This is a truly revolutionary system that will raise the standard for CallConnexion© applications.


All you have to do to get our system to work:


  • Provide a 10/100 connection to your network for our box
  • Answer some simple questions about your network
  • Plug our system into your phone system
  • Enjoy our system as it makes you money!