Backup and Disaster Recovery

Our secure cloud based backup service offers complete data protection of your servers and workstations. Coupled with our monitoring services, automated off-site data synchronization, and Bare Metal Restore capabilities, your network and your devices can be protected with an end-to-end, easy to use, and reliable data backup solution.

Worried about the security of your backups being housed in some rebranded third-party data center? Don't take that risk! At ISTT, Inc., we offer our clients the capability of backing up directly to our private cloud, which means in the event of an emergency, there's no need to wait on downloading restore options. With your data quickly at hand, we are prepared to handle the situation when your business is on the line.

The National Archives and Records Administration in Washington D.C. did a study to see how enterprises that had a significant data-loss disaster fared after the event. They found that 93% of the companies that were forced to deal with a major data-loss disaster filed for bankruptcy within one year of the event; with 50% of the companies filing immediately after the event.

Presently, over 80% of businesses don't have a reliable backup solution. If you consider your company's data as the culmination of years worth of your entire staff's work, then the protection of that massive investment should be at the top of every business owner and executive’s to-do list. Regardless of your type of business, your data is vital to the seamless operations of your enterprise. This invaluable, irreplaceable information needs to be available and accessible for optimal company-wide efficiency.

When you partner with ISTT, Inc., we are taking the responsibility for the maintenance and viability of your backups while relieving you of the worries related to your current (and probably untested) disaster recovery plan. In the event of an emergency, recovering your vital data assets is survival key #1. If you haven't partnered with ISTT, Inc. for your BDR needs, can you trust your business will survive?