Security Solutions


ISTT, Inc. offers a wide array of security options for you, your home, and your business.  At ISTT, Inc., we install state-of-the-art security systems, complete with video and  audio surveillance. Our systems are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your  protection and peace of mind.

ISTT, Inc. is proud to be the area's only certified dealer of Genetec© Software.

The Security Center is a unified security platform that seamlessly blends Genetec©'s IP  video surveillance, access control, and license plate recognition systems (Omnicast,  Synergis, and AutoVu) within a single, innovative solution. Developed with simplicity  of operation in mind, the Security Center boasts a single, unified interface - the  Security Desk - designed to standardize operator workflows, increase productivity, and  enhance decision making.

Synergis©: Networked Access Control Security Solution 
Synergis©, an integral part of the Security Center, is designed with end-to-end  IP connectivity, from access control reader to client workstation. As one of the most intuitive  IP access control solutions on the market, Synergis is being used by a number of organizations within the transportation, education, retail and gaming industries.

Omnicast©: Networked Video Surveillance Security Solution 

Omnicast©, an integral part of the Genetec Security System, provides  seamless management of digital video, audio and data across any IP network. With an array of  features described as some of the most innovative, Omnicast© has proven to be the system  of choice in numerous industries. End users have the flexibility of installing Omnicast as a  standalone video system or activating it within the Security Center, taking advantage of  Genetec©'s next-generation client application for monitoring their video cameras,  the Security Desk.

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